My Religion

Your body is the temple in which I kneel in front of every Sunday. Your touch is my religion in which I know every scripture. Your words pierce my heart with such force, it's like I'm witnessing a resurrection. You are my god who I bow to for mercy.


You and I

The nights of raw moments shared between the sheets will forever live in my memory. Made for our eyes and shared hearts, the details will never leave my lips; by lock and key they're sealed. The uncensored exchange of words, whether lightweight or heavy hearted, will never be released from the depths of my brain. … Continue reading You and I

I Know.

I know you love me because you've seen me at 2 a.m. wrapped in sheets in the dim moonlight. You've seen me cry tears of sorrow but you've also seen me cry mid-laugh. I know you love me because on the days where I give up, you pick me up. I know that I have … Continue reading I Know.



It's not defined by four walls but rather two arms. The warm embrace of her is the same feeling as coming home: safe & sound splendid & stable. Not all homes are houses and that's okay. What's mine is hers and what we share is ours. There's no waiting when it comes to houses but … Continue reading Home.