You and I

The nights of raw moments shared between the sheets will forever live in my memory.

Made for our eyes and shared hearts, the details will never leave my lips; by lock and key they’re sealed.

The uncensored exchange of words, whether lightweight or heavy hearted, will never be released from the depths of my brain.

These times were made for you and I for our souls to collide.

No one will ever know.

They have no business being the pair of eyes watching over us.

They do not have God’s authority to know all.

For you and I have written our own language that only our beings can understand.

Our story will never end; it will be one for the history books.

Even after we are gone, my soul will find you because you are my only love.

I Know.

I know you love me because you’ve seen me at 2 a.m. wrapped in sheets in the dim moonlight.

You’ve seen me cry tears of sorrow but you’ve also seen me cry mid-laugh.

I know you love me because on the days where I give up, you pick me up.

I know that I have a pair of arms that will catch me & a light that will guide me when it all falls apart.

You know every piece of my being & all my thoughts on everything in the universe, you know it all.

And through it all,

I know you love me.

Your perception of me never changes, though one day I fear it will.

You look at me like I am your world & that is the greatest honor.

I wake up every morning knowing that I have a family; a rather small unconventional family, but it’s the only one I ever want.

I know you love me because after 366 days (& counting), you still look at me the same way you have since day one.


It’s not defined by four walls but rather two arms.

The warm embrace of her is the same feeling as coming home:

safe & sound

splendid & stable.

Not all homes are houses and that’s okay.

What’s mine is hers and what we share is ours.

There’s no waiting when it comes to houses but there is with her.

But I’d wait forever if it means I get to call her my home.