Finding Your Comfort.

Growing up, whenever I was upset, I would cuddle with my favorite stuffed cat named Kitty (I know such a clever name for a cat). I would squeeze him tight and sometimes cry into him. But as I got older, I began turning towards different things that brought me comfort; granted, Kitty is still the real MVP when I’m really upset.

Throughout middle school I gravitated towards quotes whether they were from a book or the internet. Once I got to high school, aka when life starts to get a little crazy, I began turning towards music. My music taste wasn’t as well round and developed as it is now, it mainly consisted of every pop song my local radio station played, but it still helped me in hard times. Around 17 my music preference changed drastically all thanks to my best friend Gabrielle; I went from obsessing over the Top 40 to loving and cherishing alternative bands.


Photo by Sam San Roman

Even though I was focused heavily on music as my coping mechanism of sorts, I also wrote. When I was in elementary school, I wrote nonsense stories but as I got older I attempted to journal every now and then. I don’t have a whole lot from my high school years, since most of it I would much rather forget rather than relive through words. There were maybe one or two journals that I wrote in sporadically (which means I forgot that I had tried to commit to the whole journaling thing). Most of what I have is on my old computer that breathes as loud as a giant horse and is as big as a dinosaur.


My not-always-trusty 2012 Toshiba

So, the point to me rambling on about all of this, is that I’ve always found comfort in words. When I lost my ambition to work towards my fairly large future goals, I looked at quotes. When I was in a dark place, music was there to give me a hug in a way. Writing down my experiences helped me be relieved of the pressures I felt. Words have always been such a fascination and appreciation of mine for as long as I can remember. Even if my whole life was in shambles, reading a book could make me feel sane again. Words were there when no one else was.

I believe it’s important for every single person to have one thing that brings them comfort. We all need something to stay sane and remind ourselves of who we are when the world seems like a bit too much. With that being said, we can also sometimes take these comfort mechanisms for granted and even neglect them. I’ve been to hell and back multiple times within the last two years and I never took the time to actually appreciate music or even document how I felt. We get so caught up in our minds and feel like there’s nothing that could help ease our pain that we forget what brings us comfort and safety.

From here on out, I am going to try and remind myself that words, whether they’re ones that I write or someone else, are my safety net. The thing that brings me solace. And I encourage you to do the same no matter what it is: drawing, singing, running, dancing, stretching, writing, reading or the many other things that exist in this beautiful world. There’s so many activities and things out there that are waiting for you to discover them and have them as your sense of comfort.

So here’s to finding our solace in this hectic world.

Until next time,



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