4 Things I’ve Learned Since Coming Out (Again) + Resources

Coming out is one of the scariest things that I have done in my 20 years. Through doing it twice, I've learned that the most important thing to remember is that you are never alone. You can reach out to other LGBTQ+ individuals on social media sites,¬†like Tumblr,¬†or reach out to talk to someone at … Continue reading 4 Things I’ve Learned Since Coming Out (Again) + Resources


2018: Here We Go

Why hello humans of the internet! I know it's been a hot minute since I've posted; it's been nearly a year! I've been through a lot within the last 365 days which has lead me to writing this post. Within the last year, I began to focus on my mental health; I've spent years helping … Continue reading 2018: Here We Go

No More Sad Songs

For the longest time, I've always felt different and I could never pin point the reason behind this feeling. Whenever I was in a group of kids growing up I always felt like an outsider even though I had friends and socialized; something inside of me was "off." I thought that I felt different because … Continue reading No More Sad Songs


A letter to a friend who turned into somebody else.

I can't listen to any 5 Seconds of Summer song without you grazing my mind. I can't visit the next town over because that's where we'd spend all our time. I can barely drive past your street without glancing at it remembering the thousands of times I turned at that traffic light. I used to … Continue reading A letter to a friend who turned into somebody else.


LDR Advice & Feelings

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that my girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. In today's post, I wanted to share the story of how we met and tips and struggles of being in a long distance relationship. I know, for me, when I'm feeling isolated for being in an … Continue reading LDR Advice & Feelings